Romantic Air Recording Company (RAR) is a record label. It is also a collective of recording studios and a group of friends, associates and lovers making music. It was founded in 2004 with the creation of a limited edition 12" Holiday split-single featuring PAS/CAL & Asobi Seksu. The debut release (RAR-0001) saw festive covers of Wham! and Ramones Xmas standards, with exquisitely detailed artwork directed by Sean McCabe. It was pressed in clear red vinyl and sold out immediately.

With that record, and with each additional record, CD, MP3, cassette, or wax cylinder... RAR intends to set a high standard of music, design and packaging that encourages finest attention to details and an unwavering wit. With the aid of some glimmer of good fortune, we intend to spread our slightly skewed gospel... truths of beauty and beautiful truths.